20-22 August 2018

Partnership Opportunities

IPF 2017 hosted translational, preclinical, drug safety and efficacy experts from leading pharma and biotech companies worldwide to realize the significant practical applications of these models. Our attendees are actively seeking solutions utilizing new concepts that can be applied to the drug discovery setting including:

  • Robust In vitro Models (3D, co-cultures, tissue slices etc) that are better able to recapitulate disease progression and pathoegenesis.
  • Robust In vivo models that overcome the pitfalls of belomycin induced fibrosis.
  • Novel assays and biomarker capture kits to help stratify patients and develop more meaningful clinical endpoints
  • Non Invasive technologies that are enabling greater diagnosis/prognosis

We are inviting established vendors in this space to educate our audience of industry leaders about what can be achieved. Are you able to provide the platforms and technology that can accelerate validation of target molecules, expedite time to the clinic, and reduce attrition rates and the cost to bring drugs to market? If so, get in touch today.

This unparalleled opportunity to showcase your capabilities and establish your credibility in this nascent market will allow you to:

  • Present and position your capabilities to key decision makers from pharmaceutical developers who are actively seeking new solutions to optimize drug discovery inefficiencies
  • Meet and interact with stakeholders throughout the field trying to integrate and implement these technologies
  • Deliver a thought leading presentation and influence the thinking of translational and pre-clinical scientists working to identify new promising compounds
  • Differentiate yourself from your peers and demonstrate your specific expertise and technology

Meet all the business contacts you need across 3 days – take advantage of 1-2-1 networking time with your target audience

If you have a product or service that will benefit this audience, please contact Jakub Nunuk at sponsor@hansonwade.com or +212 537 5898 to discuss how we can help you engage them.