What is New for 2021

For the first time ever, join four expert-led workshops at the IPF Summit and delve deeper into the hottest topics in the IPF drug development space. These more discursive elements of the meeting enable you to interact closely with our highly experienced workshop leaders and your fellow delegates via participating in structured group discussions alongside presentations on critical issues. Choose from the options below to attend expert-led discussions on:

Four Workshops at the Pre-Conference Discussions Day

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Workshop A:
Update on Ageing: Uncovering the Latest Research on the Role of Senescence in IPF

Workshop B:
Understanding What Factors to Consider When Incorporating Existing Drugs in IPF Clinical Trial Design

Workshop C:
Learning How to Incorporate Cutting-Edge Genetic Research into Your IPF Drug Development Strategy

Workshop D:
Deep Diving Into IPF Pre-Clinical Models


Uncovering the latest research on the role of senescence in IPF with Thomas Jefferson University and Newcastle University to explore the latest research on the mechanism of inflammation associated with ageing-related susceptibility to IPF and investigate the link between ageing, the innate immune system and IPF

Utilizing lessons Learned from ILD therapeutics research to optimize IPF drug development in 2021 & beyond alongside USC and National Jewish Health to discover how the IPF drug development community use the learnings from interstitial lung disease to accelerate their therapeutics development

Learning how to incorporate cutting-edge genetic research into your IPF drug development strategy with the University of Virginia School of Medicine to understand how IPF drug developers can meaningfully incorporate genetic data into their preclinical and clinical IPF research to kickstart the next generation of effective IPF therapeutics

Deep diving into IPF pre-clinical models with McMaster University to understand how to strategize your pre-clinical model choice, discover primary outcomes in animal models and learn how to use biobanks to choose the best preclinical model for your specific needs

Make the most out of this meeting by joining this pre-conference discussion day!

New Speakers You Cannot Miss

With a multidisciplinary committee of 36 international IPF experts leading presentations on our updated agenda, including 25 brand new speakers for 2021, you’re spoilt for choice with which presentations to attend. New additions to the program include:

New speaker 1

Update on IPF Biomarkers: Uncovering the Emerging Consensus on Which Biomarker Best Predicts Disease Progression to Help Maximize the Success of Your ILD Therapeutic in a Clinical Setting

New speaker 2

Discovering a Therapeutic Approach for IPF Utilizing Inhaled Antisense Oligonucleotides

New speaker 3

Understanding What Factors to Consider When Incorporating Existing Drugs in IPF Clinical Trial Design

New speaker 4

Exploring Patient-Reported Outcomes from a Regulatory Standpoint & Learning How to Ensure the Outcomes You Use Today Facilitate Therapeutic Approval in the Future