Pre-Conference Discussion Day

Wednesday 25 August 

9.00am | 6.00am Registration & Networking

10.00am | 7.00am Morning Workshops - Choice Between Workshop A & Workshop B:

Workshop A

10.00am | 7.00am Update on Ageing: Uncovering the Latest Research on the Role of Senescence in IPF

The disruptive role of senescent cells in the pathology and biology of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is undeniable. Industry and academia alike have been trying for years to understand how to manipulate this link to further the advancement of IPF therapeutics.
Attend this workshop to be kept up to date with the latest, cutting-edge research on this fascinating topic.

Highlights include:
• Exploring the latest research on the mechanism of inflammation associated with ageing-related susceptibility to IPF
• Investigating the link between ageing, the innate immune system and IPF
• Revealing the latest research on the gut microbiomes relationship with the lung to manipulate its influence on lung inflammation and treat IPF

Workshop B

10.00am | 7.00am Understanding What Factors to Consider When Incorporating Existing Drugs in IPF Clinical Trial Design

With the FDA’s recent approval of nintedanib for chronic fibrosing interstitial lung diseases (ILD) with a progressive phenotype, the INBUILD study is supercharging the lumping versus splitting debate, and the pandemic intensifying global demand for effective fibrotic lung disease treatment, the ILD drug development landscape has gone through a revolution. How can the IPF drug development community use the learnings from ILD to accelerate their therapeutics development? Attend this workshop to find out!

Highlights include:
• Analyzing the similarities and differences between the mechanisms behind the progressive phenotype of fibrosing interstitial lung disease and IPF
• Translating lessons learned from ILD clinical trials to IPF – what are the key takeaways?
• Investigating the recent nintedanib approval from a regulatory perspective

12.00pm | 9.00am Lunch & Networking

1.00pm | 10.00am Afternoon Workshops - Choice Between Workshop C & Workshop D:

Workshop C

1.00pm | 10.00 Learning How to Incorporate Cutting- Edge Genetic Research into Your IPF Drug Development Strategy
Our understanding of the genetic basis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis has advanced significantly over the past decade. The challenge now lies with understanding how IPF drug developers can meaningfully incorporate genetic data into their pre-clinical and clinical IPF research to kickstart the next generation of effective IPF therapeutics.

Highlights include:

• Understanding the genetic factors which contribute to the differing rates of disease progression in IPF patients
• Integrating data on genetics, imaging factors and IPF disease pathways to discern which subpopulations of patients are more susceptible to your novel IPF therapeutic
• Discussing the role of telomere testing in the context of the framework of our clinical thinking around pulmonary fibrosis

Workshop D

1.00pm | 10.00am Deep Diving Into IPF Pre-Clinical Models

Whilst bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis is by far the most common choice for the experimental study model of human lung fibrosis, it is by no means the most reliable. There are an array of various models out there and choosing which one best suits your drug development needs can be an arduous task. Join this discursive workshop to understand how to strategize your pre-clinical model choice, discover primary outcomes in animal models and learn how to use biobanks to choose the best pre-clinical model for your specific needs.

Highlights include:

• Learning how to systematically decide which pre-clinical model is best suited to test the efficacy of your novel therapeutic
• Exploring primary outcomes in the context of animal models for IPF drug development
• Utilizing biobanks to determine which molecule is optimal for your novel target and understanding how to use this information to choose the most appropriate pre-clinical model

End of Pre-Conference Discussions Day