Workshop A: Halting, Repairing, & Regenerating Lung Tissue: What’s the Consensus on ‘Disease Modifying’

Time: 9:00 am
day: Pre Conference Track A (AM)


This workshop offers you the perfect opportunity to join the drug development community in assessing the common goal of ‘disease modifying’ – slowing down, stopping, or repairing? Or all of the above? Delve into the mechanistic understanding of pulmonary fibrosis and lung pathobiology to assess each point in the road and debate what’s in store and achievable for the future. 

Workshop highlights: 

  • Illuminating the past and present therapeutic development landscape and lung pathobiological understanding to assess upcoming pulmonary fibrosis therapeutics
  • Delving into the current of understanding of slowing progression of lung fibrosis 
  • Harnessing understanding to halt progression of fibrosis 
  • After slowing down and halting lung fibrosis what do we need to consider to clear senescent cells for repair and regeneration 
  • Models for repair and regeneration, models that recapitulate the in-human condition and modelling of senescence
  • In vivo and in vitro systems to study cell-to-cell communications
  • What have fields outside of pulmonary fibrosis achieved in terms of repair and regeneration?
  • What can we take from other fields? What can’t we? 
  • Debating the future of pulmonary fibrosis therapeutics – what’s feasible?