Karim Christian el Kasmi

Karim Christian el Kasmi

Company: Boehringer Ingelheim

Job title: Laboratory head


Karim did his post-doctoral training with Peter Murray at St Jude Chidren’s Research Hospital in Memphis TN where he delineated several cytokine pathways that regulate macrophage plasticity in pro-and anti-inflammatory signaling.  During this time he published a seminal paper on the role of Arginase1 in macrophage activation. He then joined the faculty as Associate Professor at UC Denver where he drove research projects on macrophages in chronic inflammatory-fibrotic pathologies in the lung, liver, and intestine.

After 10 years at UC Denver he changed career paths and joined BI Pharma as Lab Head to develop drug discovery programs with a scientific focus on macrophages in fibrosing lung disease.

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