About Event

Welcome to the Largest Gathering of the IPF industry

This is your chance to utilize innovative research and state of the art science to make a meaningful impact on the lives of the 3 million patients suffering with IPF worldwide. 

The 5th IPF Summit is your best opportunity to exchange views And forge long lasting connections with 150+ industry pioneers from Genentech, Ionis, Gilead, Lassen Therapeutics, Lung Therapeutics, Morphic Therapeutics, Galecto and more. Join them and scrutinize the latest research to address fibrotic lungs and gain the pivotal insights you need to kickstart the next generation of clinically defining therapeutics for IPF.

Unmissable Highlights Include

Uncover antisense oligonucleotides, metabolic reprogramming, potent/selective human prostaglandin F (FP) receptor antagonist and other emerging therapeutics with Ionis, Bayer and Morphic Therapeutics to revive your therapeutic approach and treat IPF more successfully 
Investigate common mistakes biopharma make when exploring new therapeutic targets and learn how to avoid them with Gilead, CohBar and Lassen Therapeutics to understand how to design and execute a fool proof plan to successfully identify & validate new IPF targets
Analyze key IPF clinical trial updates with McMaster University, USC and Genentech to understand what factors you must consider to optimize the success of your therapeutic when conducting both traditional and decentralized trials 
Review data on genetic & metabolic environments in pulmonary fibrotic progression with Morphic Therapeutics, Imperial College London and Vanderbilt University to determine how human genetics and metabolites influence IPF pathology and learn what this means for IPF drug developers
Discover the emerging consensus on which biomarker best predicts disease progression with Genentech and Harvard Medical School to help choose the correct biomarker for your trial and maximize the success of your ILD therapeutic in a clinical setting 


Across 2 streams of unrivalled content, you will gain access to the knowledge you need to tackle your toughest translational and clinical hurdles to ultimately develop more reliable, effective and disease-modifying IPF drugs. Access the full event guide here to learn more.