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Lead Partner

Qureight is techbio company based in Cambridge UK. Founded by doctors and scientists it aims to be THE data platform for lung and heart disease. It structures data from health care and biopharma partners to find new endpoints, speed up clinical trials and help bring drugs to the market. By analysing data on it’s cloud based platform, Qureight allows collaborators to build machine learning models to better understand diseases. It has a current focus in IPF, ILD, Pulmonary Hypertension and Lung Cancer. It recently published a landmark paper in AJRCCM detailing 4 deep learning imaging models in IPF.




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Expertise Partner

FibroFind is a rapidly developing biomedical sciences company with a deep understanding of fibrosis biology that has employed this knowledge to design bespoke human tissue assays.  Our proprietary bioreactor cultured precision-cut tissue slices (PCTS) offer superior performance for biomarker identification, toxicology, target discovery and drug efficacy evaluation.  Harnessing the power of robotics, AI-guided automated data analysis and a highly skilled technical team, FibroFind delivers unmatched technical quality in studies.  Our current portfolio includes healthy and IPF-lung PCTS in 24, and 96 well formats, allowing us to tailor studies to best meet your investigative requirements.



Expertise Partner

Nordic Bioscience is a biotech company founded in 1992 located in Herlev, Denmark. Nordic Bioscience is focused on the development, testing and validation of new blood based biochemical markers for diagnosis and prognosis of fibrotic and inflammatory diseases. We are a science-driven company that invests heavily in developing blood-based precision medicine solutions for the pharmaceutical industry as well as for patient care through our research and development division. Our central laboratory division offers a complete portfolio of central laboratory services as well as novel biomarker measures.



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Hosting Partner

Vitalograph provides sponsors with everything needed to collect, QC, and report on Respiratory endpoint data for the following assessments: FEV1, FVC, SVC, PEF, ECG, ePRO/ eCOA, FeNO, DLCO, 6MWT, and objective cough counting. Our knowledgeable and responsive teams of dedicated project and data managers, clinical respiratory physiologists, cough analysts, software development engineers, in-house QA and logistic specialists, plus highly experienced site support staff, are what make our innovative and personalized solutions possible.

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Program Partner

Brainomix specializes in the creation of clinically available AI powered software solutions to enable precision medicine for better treatment decisions. With origins as a spin-out from the University of Oxford, Brainomix developed the world's first AI-powered software for stroke assessment and is now an expanding commercial-stage company with offices in the UK, Ireland and the USA. Brainomix has operations in more than 30 territories, including a number of competitively awarded country-wide deployments to achieve complete national coverage with it's AI software. Brainomix's e-Lung technology and suite of AI-powered quantitative imaging biomarkers are currently utilised by sponsors to support the development and commercialisation of treatments for interstitial lung disease, both during clinical research and in real-world clinical practice.


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4DMedical (Imbio)

Hosting Partner

4DMedical is a global medical technology company that has created a step change in the capacity to accurately and quickly understand the lung function of patients with respiratory diseases.

In December 2023, 4DMedical acquired Imbio, a leader in artificial intelligence medical imaging solutions for chronic lung and cardiothoracic diseases. Imbio’s regulatory-cleared solutions transform the way patients are discovered, diagnosed, and treated, enabling physician productivity and more personalized care for patients.

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Industry Partner

MannKind Corporation focuses on the development and commercialization of innovative therapeutic products and devices to address serious unmet medical needs for those living with endocrine and orphan lung diseases. We are committed to using our formulation capabilities and device engineering prowess to lessen the burden of diseases such as diabetes, IPF, PAH and NTM lung disease. Our signature technologies – dry-powder formulations and inhalation devices – offer rapid and convenient delivery of medicines to the deep lung where they can exert an effect locally or enter the systemic circulation.



Innovation Partner

Fortrea is a leading global provider of clinical development and patient access solutions to the life sciences industry. We partner with emerging and large biopharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic companies to drive healthcare innovation that accelerates life changing therapies to patients in need. Fortrea provides phase I-IV clinical trial management, clinical pharmacology, differentiated technology enabled trial solutions and post-approval services. Fortrea’s solutions leverage three decades of experience spanning more than 20 therapeutic areas. Our talented and diverse team of more than 19,000 people working in more than 90 countries is scaled to deliver focused and agile solutions to customers globally.


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Exhibition Partner

Strados Labs partners with IPF drug developers to collect real-world, objective measures of subjects’ cough and lung health to complement subjective patient self-reporting. Using a combination of audio and motion data, the RESP® Biosensor remotely and continuously captures coughing and lung sounds including crackles as well as respiratory rate, activity levels, and sleep/wake to offer stronger insight into treatment response. Designed for daily life, the RESP Biosensor is wireless, discreet and doesn’t interfere with daily routines. The biosensor has 2 FDA 510(k) clearances, a CE mark and is used in clinical trials across 4 continents.

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IPS Therapeutique

Exhibition Partner

IPST’s tradition of collaboration and innovation has led to success through association, a foot planted in scientific discovery, the other in the reality of drug development. By combining functional readouts with biomarkers and histology, IPST’s fibrosis models, with pulmonary fibrosis at the forefront, have successfully supported preclinical and clinical candidates for almost a decade.

Q2 Solutions , IPF Summit

Q2 Solutions

Exhibition Partner

Rules-Based Medicine (RBM), a Q2 Solutions company, provides specialty immunoassay testing that solves complex drug development challenges. RBM offers one of the most comprehensive menus of quantitative protein biomarkers, including multiplexed immunoassays (Luminex®) and ultrasensitive immunoassays. RBM offers a suite of internally developed and validated biomarkers to support new therapies for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Chosen in collaboration with the Prognostic Lung Fibrosis Consortium (PROLIFIC), these markers have utility in characterizing epithelial damage, fibrosis, inflammation and thrombosis.

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Industry Partner

For three decades, Ionis has invented medicines that bring better futures to people with serious diseases. Ionis currently has five marketed medicines and a leading pipeline in neurology, cardiology, and other areas of high patient need. As the pioneer in RNA-targeted medicines, Ionis continues to drive innovation in RNA therapies in addition to advancing new approaches in gene editing. A deep understanding of disease biology and industry-leading technology propels our work, coupled with a passion and urgency to deliver life-changing advances for patients.


Newcells, IPF Summit

Newcells Biotech

Event Partner

Newcells Biotech provides clients with validated in vitro tools to understand how drugs interact with tissues. We build functional in vitro models of the kidney, retina and lung to improve clinical translation and drug discovery. By applying our expertise in induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), primary tissues, a deep understanding of cellular physiology and organoid technology, we have built validated models and assays that have proven to be predictive of how drugs interact with tissues and organs.


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