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Covance by Labcorp is a leading global life sciences company, which provides contract research services to the drug, medical device and diagnostics, crop protection and chemical industries. Employing over 26,000 people worldwide, we provide comprehensive drug development solutions and are on a mission to advance health and power clear, confident decisions.

Covance is a global leader in nonclinical safety assessment, clinical trial testing and clinical trial management services. Our unique perspectives are based on decades of scientific, medical, and regulatory expertise.

Together with our clients, Covance by Labcorp supports the development of innovative, life-changing treatments. Visit us at


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Polarean is a lung imaging company with an investigational technology using hyperpolarized 129Xenon gas to enhance MRI.  Our technology offers a new, non-invasive means of imaging pulmonary physiology and function, without radiation exposure.  It allows visualization of gas exchange regionally in the smallest airways, across the alveolar tissue barrier, and into the pulmonary bloodstream

With a single 10-second breath hold, hyperpolarized 129Xenon is used with MRI to enable 3-dimensional lung imaging and monitoring of patients with pulmonary-vascular, obstructive, or fibrotic lung disease.

Polarean's products are used by institutions worldwide and are currently under review by the FDA. Visit us at


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Celebrating 20 years of scientific excellence, IPS Therapeutique (IPST) is a Contract Research Organization dedicated to the preclinical evaluation of the efficacy and safety of new drugs using validated and highly predictive models. At IPST we believe each study is worthy of tailored protocols designed to maximize the scientific and strategic value of the data generated. We believe in taking ownership of the studies entrusted to IPST while ensuring mutual collaboration for developing and agreeing to overall project plans. You can learn more about our story by watching this video.

Vitalograph Clinical Trials

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Vitalograph Clinical Trials teams are highly qualified professionals, with an in-depth understanding of all the requirements for respiratory testing, both as endpoints (we service such as: FEV1, FVC, SVC, PEF, DLCO, FeNO, MIP, MEP, SNIP, ECG, 6MWT, ePRO/ eCOA, and Cough Counting) or for safety data in clinical trials, and in particular the challenges of regulatory compliance.

Our customized, personal service is made possible by Vitalograph having formed an experienced and responsive team, providing dedicated project and data managers, software development engineers, internationally renowned over-readers, in-house QA and logistic specialists, plus full manufacturing and 24/7 support capabilities.


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Aragen Life Sciences Pvt Ltd (Aragen) is a global leader in providing discovery, development and manufacturing solutions for life sciences firms. With a team of over 3100 professionals, and through a network of sites around the world, we offer a seamless, integrated platform to advance customer programs from discovery through commercialization for both small molecules and biologics. Established in 2001, Aragen now serves over 450 customers worldwide across multiple modalities and therapeutic areas.