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Welcome to the Industry’s Largest Drug Development Initiative for the Pulmonary Fibrosis Community

Harness Emerging Biological Understanding, Apply Novel & Evolving Models & Assess Patient Populations to Propel Innovative & Efficacious Pulmonary Fibrosis Therapeutics Through Phase 2 & Beyond 

The IPF Summit returns for its 8th year as the go-to, end-to-end gathering of pulmonary fibrosis drug developers, clinicians and academic thought leaders all dedicated to bringing better drugs to patients faster.  

In a year marked by high-profile and unexpected failures, the industry is at a pivotal juncture and every player is focused on maximizing and safeguarding their candidates.  

At the IPF Summit, we're not just acknowledging the turbulence, we're diving headfirst into it with a bold agenda designed to understand the root causes of the failures that rocked the industry and extract invaluable lessons from previous executives of those companies. 

But we’re not just focused on looking back, we're eager to pave the way for a future of progress. With new candidates, technologies and research all emerging rapidly, the summit serves as the definitive platform for all pulmonary fibrosis drug developers to uncover progress.  

From dynamic panel discussions to interactive workshops and exclusive data driven case studies, we're not just acknowledging the ever-present challenges but providing a forum to collaborate address and seek solutions. 

40+ World Class Speakers

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Attending Companies for 2024

"The talks are quite excellent, and fortunately the speakers are not afraid to share some unpublished results. There is a real sense of scientific advancement, and the moderators do a good job of asking poignant questions"

Vice President - Scientific 
Bristol Myers Squibb

"The best summit I’ve been to in some time "

Regulatory Affairs Manager

"Wonderful to immerse myself in the complex universe of IPF, to learn so many things about the field, both from the basic science and clinical trial perspectives. The high quality, professional organization of the event stood out, as well as the openness of researchers in the field to engage in conversation and discuss challenges that they or we may encounter"

Regulatory Senior Clinical Scientist
Alentis Therapeutics

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In recent years, the field of respiratory medicine has witnessed a significant shift in the understanding and classification of fibrotic lung diseases. Notably, there's a growing recognition IPF and ILD forming the broader spectrum of progressive pulmonary fibrosis 

The ILD Summit and IPF Summit will now be joining forces to foster a unified platform, facilitating deeper insights, collaborative discussions, and innovative solutions that address the common threads and distinct nuances within the realm of progressive pulmonary fibrosis.  

This amalgamation ensures a comprehensive exploration of evolving trends, breakthroughs, and collective efforts in the pursuit of propelling innovative and efficacious pulmonary fibrosis therapeutics through Phase 2 and beyond. 

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