More Meaningful Validation Through Sophisticated Culture Systems
Recapitulating IPF In Vitro to Reveal Dysfunction
& Measurable Differences Between Health & Disease

8:30 am Approaching Translation Differently: In Vitro Cell Cultures for Studying the Lung

  • Eric White Director, Clinical Development, ILD Therapeutic Area, Boehringer Ingelheim & Adjunct Professor, University of Michigan

8:50 am Utility of Complex In Vitro & Ex Vivo Model Systems for Drug Discovery in IPF

9:10 am Recapitulating Alveolar Epithelial Dysfunction in iPSC-Derived Air- Liquid Interface Models (Remote Presentation)

  • James Garnett Head of Respiratory Epithelia Research Lab, Boehringer Ingelheim

9:30 am Group Q&A Panel

10:00 am Panel Discussion: The Future of Modeling & High Throughput Drug Screening

10:30 am
Morning Break & Panel Discussion

Preclinical & Early Translational Track

Late Translational & Clinical Track

New Approaches to Addressing IPF: Case Studies

The Clinic Today – Involving the Patient in Endpoints & Trial Design

11.00 Challenging Inflammation, Fibrosis & Stem Cell Arrest in IPF -Targeting TGFbeta Upregulation

Ulrich Bogdahn, Chief Medical Officer, Velvio

11.00 Optimal Design of Early & Late Phase IPF Studies

Toby Maher, Professor of Clinical Medicine, USC

11.20 Untangling the Dualistic Components of the RAS (renin–angiotensin system) in Pulmonary Fibrosis – the Yin & Yang

Rohit Batta, Chief Medical Officer, Vicore Pharma

11.20 Capturing Patient’s Experience of IPF in a Tangible, Measurable & Meaningful Way for Clinical Trials

Amy Hajari Case, Chief, Advanced Lung Disease Center of Excellence, Medical Director, Pulmonary & Critical Care Research, Piedmont Healthcare

11.40 Group Q&A Panel

11.40 Group Q&A Panel

12:00 pm
Lunch Break

1.00 Inhalation Exosome Therapy for Pulmonary Fibrosis

Ke Cheng, Co-Founder & President, BreStem Therapeutics

1.00 Patient Focused Drug Development “Voice of the Patient (VOP)” - With Activities of Daily Living (ADL) as a Regulatory Primary Endpoint for Phase 3 in IPF

Peter Fernandes, Chief Regulatory & Safety Officer, Bellerophon

1.20 Overview of LTI-03 in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

BreAnne MacKenzie, Senior Scientist, Lung Therapeutics

1.30 Panel Discussion: Understanding Experience to Date of Endpoints & Clinical Trial Design to Date

Toby Maher, Professor of Clinical Medicine, USC
Peter Fernandes, Chief Regulatory & Safety Officer, Bellerophon
Bernt van den Blink, Senior Medical Director, Promedior

1.40 Group Q&A Panel

2:00 pm
Afternoon Break & Networking

Getting to Grips with Genetics
Applying Understandings of Genetic Architecture &
Genome-wide Association Studies’ Outcomes to Drug Development

2:30 pm Genetic Basis of Interstitial Lung Diseases

2:50 pm Telomere Length Association with ILD Mortality

3:10 pm Using Polygenic Risk Scores to Identify Differences in Disease Progression & Treatment Response

3:30 pm Group Q&A Panel

4:00 pm Summit Concludes