A Note From Our Speakers

matthew thomas

Prof. Dr. Matthew James Thomas,

Head of Immunology & Respiratory Diseases Research for Germany

Invitation to the 6th IPF Summit

Hello colleagues,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Matthew James Thomas, Head of Immunology & Respiratory Diseases Research at Boehringer Ingelheim. As an expert speaker at the 6th IPF Summit, I want to kindly invite you and your team at {{Recipient.Company}} to join the IPF community in Boston this August 29 - September 1.

The IPF drug development landscape has progressed within the last 12 months with the attrition of some previously exciting drugs (eg. PhIII discontinuation of Ziritaxestat), as well as exciting phase II and III data from others (Pamrevlumab/PhII, BI 1015550/PhII & Actemra/PhIII SSc-ILD). This heralds a time of emergent therapies for IPF.

In the coming years, the IPF/PPF fields will enter a precision medicine phase, where a range of new therapies will best suit particular sub-populations. As Industry starts looking into combination therapy and different treatment regimens through the use of advanced application of biomarker data; this event will be a perfect opportunity to learn what other experts in the field are doing and see what we can expect in the next 12 months and beyond.

Take a look at the event guide to see what we'll be discussing.

Next generation therapeutics will likely do more than address fibroblast growth, with many showing ambition to enable more effective repair of the lung gas exchange unit. As such, they warrant more sophisticated assessments of efficacy (eg. hyperpolarized gas MRI or Optical Coherance Tomography) yet to be validated as endpoints in this family of diseases.

Deep dive into this topic and join me on August 29 for my talk ‘Advancing the Understanding of the Pathology & Molecular Mechanisms of IPF to Identify Potential Targets’. View full agenda and session details here.

After two years of digital meetings, I am looking forward to the 6th IPF Summit to see people in 3D and share some exciting science.

I hope to see you in Boston and hear your thoughts on the IPF field!

Prof. Dr. Matthew James Thomas,
Head of Immunology & Respiratory Diseases Research | Boehringer Ingelheim
Expert Speaker | 
​​​​​6th IPF Summit